FAQ About Instagram Picker

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Instagram Picker is a tool designed to facilitate contests or giveaways on Instagram by randomly selecting winners from the comments section of a post.
Yes, Instagram Picker is typically compatible with both personal and business Instagram accounts, as long as they are public and adhere to Instagram's terms of service.
Yes, Best Instagram Picker offers customization options, allowing users to set specific rules, requirements, and entry criteria for the raffle.
Winners are selected randomly from the comments section of the Instagram post that the raffle is based on, using algorithms built into Instagram Picker.
The number of winners that can be chosen is typically customizable, allowing users to select any desired number of winners for their raffle using Instagram Picker.
Yes, Instagram Picker offers options to exclude specific users, comments, or keywords from being eligible for the raffle.
Yes, Instagram Picker is designed to comply with Instagram's terms of service to ensure that contests and giveaways are conducted in a fair and transparent manner.
Yes, Instagram Picker is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple interface that guides you through the process of selecting winners for your Instagram giveaways or contests.