To copy a link from YouTube, follow these steps:

Step #1 Open YouTube Website or App

If you are a Youtube website user then visit the link directly:

If you are an App user, please go to the App Store on your phone to download the Youtube APP, and then launch it

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Find A Video Link On Desktop

There are two methods to copy a YouTube link for a video on a desktop.

Method #1:
To obtain the YouTube video URL, open the video, and select the URL text in the address bar.

Method #2:
Open the video and click on "Share" at the bottom right of the video screen. Copy the link.

Find a Video URL on Mobile:

To copy a YouTube link on mobile, open the video and click on "Share" at the bottom right of the video screen. Copy the link.

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You can now paste the copied link wherever you want, such as in a message, email, or social media platform.

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Olivia Anderson

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