FAQ About Youtube Comment Picker

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Youtube Comment Picker is a professional Youtube comment tool that supports Youtube comment picker and Youtube comment export. It is based on AI technologies such as ChatGPT and Grok, bringing you the most intelligent comment management and growth experience!
1. Increased User Engagement:
Utilizing a YouTube Giveaway Picker encourages active audience participation, fostering a stronger sense of community.
2.Expanded Reach and Visibility:
Running events with a YouTube Giveaway Picker attracts more audience participation, boosting video visibility and contributing to the overall awareness of your channel.
3.Boosted Social Sharing and User Interaction:
Encouraging viewers to share videos using a Random Comment Picker-YouTube enhances social media exposure, fostering positive interactions among users.
By leveraging these tools, you not only stimulate active audience engagement but also expand your reach, fostering community growth.
1. Click the extension icon to open the input page
2. Enter the link to Youtube or Shorts
3. After selecting Youtube Comment Picker, click the Start button. At this point, the extension starts to get Youtube video comments.
4. When user acquisition is complete, select your picker option and click the Picker button. Our extension will sort out the winners for you!