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EasyComment provides users with a series of social media and comment services such as giveaway picker, ai comment generator, ai post generator , ai comment summary, mockup generation, etc.

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4.6/5 Rating

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Truested by 1,000+ Social Media Influencer

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Work smarter, not harder, using your Own Giveaway Picker

EasyComment specializes in giveaway management with its powerful giveaway picker tools, designed to enhance engagement and streamline contests across social media platforms.
EasyComment Support Social Media and Functions

Get and Export All User Comments on Social Media

Get and Export Comments

A rich library of smart APIs for file-based data import

  • Get Comments On Social Media

  • Export Comments

  • CSV, Excel File Export

  • Send DMs To Followers

Get and Export User Comments use EasyComment
Filter low-quality accounts use EasyComment

Filter Low Quality Accounts

Use Giveaway settings to filter low-quality accounts to help
followers who really like you have a higher probability of winning.

  • Filter Duplicate Comments

  • Filter By keywords and tags

  • Filter By Mentions/Tagged Friends

  • Comments Data Analysis

Built for developers

Multiple Ways to Notify your Followers of Winning Results

  • Notification result generation

  • Comment area notification

  • Notice poster

  • Easy to share & display

Built for developers

Loved by Many Social Media Influencer

Lucas Emma

This product is amazing! It made selecting winners for our social media giveaways so easy. It's powerful, yet simple to use. Highly recommended!

Mohammad Ghanbari

This product helped us effortlessly run our social media giveaways. The user experience is excellent, and it supports a variety of giveaway formats, making our campaigns more creative and engaging!

hemangi karkar

Using this product for our social media giveaways was convenient and quick, and the winners selected were absolutely fair. Thanks to this product, our campaigns were flawless!

Naufal Hunaif

The interface of this product is elegant and intuitive, and its functionality is powerful and practical. Whether for giveaways or selecting winners, it's a breeze to use. Very satisfied with the experience!

kamille ann

This is a fantastic product that greatly facilitated our social media giveaway campaigns. It supports various configuration, making our campaigns more flexible and fun!

zamar khan

Running giveaway campaigns with this product is simple, and the winners selected are truly random. It ensures fairness and impartiality in our campaigns!


This product has made our social media giveaway campaigns more efficient and fair. It's easy to use and has enhanced the overall experience for both us and our participants!

Reza Zmn

I've used several giveaway pickers, but this one stands out. It's intuitive, fast, and offers a range of selection options. Made my giveaways a breeze!

Ashiq Nasiq

This giveaway picker is a game-changer. The interface is sleek, and the random selection process feels truly fair. Highly recommend for any social media campaign!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

EasyComment is a comprehensive tool designed to simplify and enhance social media engagement by offering powerful giveaway picker tools. 

It helps users manage giveaways and contests efficiently across various platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.
Yes, all tools on EasyComment are available at no cost.

This includes tools for managing giveaways, contests, and boosting engagement across various social media platforms, all free of charge.
EasyComment supports a variety of popular social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook.
No, you do not need to register on EasyComment to use these tools.

You can access and use the giveaway tools directly.
EasyComment ensures fairness in the giveaway selection process by using a random selection algorithm to choose winners from the comments that meet the specified criteria.

So you can trust the results.