Why Are Reddit Comments Not Showing Up?

Encountering problems with Reddit comments not showing up can be perplexing.This guide explores potential culprits, from network glitches to app troubles, offering comprehensive steps for resolution.

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Troubleshooting Why You Can’t See Comments on Reddit

Try the methods outlined below to diagnose the specific reason why Reddit comments aren’t showing up and choose the appropriate solution.

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Network Connection Issues

Unstable or interrupted internet connections can prevent Reddit from loading comments properly.

Reddit Server Outage

Problems with Reddit servers might be causing comments not to load. Check the status of Reddit servers on the Downdetector website.

App Issues

Crashes or technical glitches in the Reddit app can affect comment loading. Try restarting the app or your device to resolve these issues.

Cache Problems

Corrupted cache files in the Reddit app could hinder comment loading. Clearing the app’s cache might help alleviate this issue.

Account Issues

roblems with your Reddit account might also be responsible for comments not loading. Logging out and back in could refresh your account settings.

App Version Issues

Using an outdated version of the Reddit app may cause problems with comment loading. Make sure your app is up to date to potentially fix this issue.

Device Issues

Occasionally, problems with the device itself, such as operating system issues, can impact the app's normal functioning, affecting comment loading.

Moderation and Guidelines

Offensive or guideline-violating comments are removed by moderators, rendering them invisible. Unfortunately, there’s no fix for this situation. Comments may also be flagged by Reddit’s spam filter, leading to their removal.

Reddit App or Device Issues

Problems with the Reddit app or your device, such as app cache or internet connection issues, could also be at play.

How to Resolve Issues when Reddit Comments Are Not Showing Up?

If you're encountering problems with Reddit comments not displaying, try the following methods to address the issue.

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Check Internet Connection

Ensure your device is connected to a stable network, as a poor or unstable Wi-Fi connection could lead to Reddit app comments not loading. Switching to cellular data and refreshing the Reddit page might resolve the issue.


Check Reddit Server Status

In case of Reddit server issues, such as comments not loading on posts or videos, visit the Downdetector website to check Reddit's server status. If the servers are down, patience is key until they get restored.

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Restart the Reddit App & Your Device

If the Reddit app fails to load comments despite multiple attempts, close the app and reopen it. Additionally, restarting your device can help resolve the problem.


Clear Cache

Corrupted cache files may be causing Reddit comments not to load. Clear the Reddit app's cache to address this issue.
For Android users, navigate to the Settings app, select Apps > Reddit > Storage > Clear Cache.
If you're using an iPhone, offload the Reddit app, reinstall it, and clear the app cache by going to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Reddit > Offload App > Reinstall App.

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Log Out and Log Back In

Refreshing your account settings by logging out of Reddit and logging back in might resolve the comments not loading issue. Tap on your username, choose Log Out, and then enter your username and password to log back in.


Update the Reddit App

Ensure you have the latest version of the Reddit app to address the comments not showing problem. Open the Play Store or App Store on your device, search for Reddit, and check for updates.

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Reinstall the Reddit App

If the above steps don't resolve the issue, uninstall the Reddit app and reinstall it. After installation, open the app and check if the comments problem is resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Why are my Reddit comments not showing up after I post them?

Your comments may not appear immediately due to Reddit's system processing or potential delays. Refresh the page after a few moments to check if your comment has appeared.

Is there a delay before Reddit comments appear on posts?

Yes, there can be a delay before Reddit comments appear on posts. This delay is usually due to system processing or moderation checks.

Are there specific reasons why my comments might be hidden or not visible to others on Reddit?

Your comments might be hidden or not visible due to being caught by Reddit's spam filter, removed by moderators, or deleted by yourself. Checking subreddit rules and guidelines can provide insight.

How can I check if my comments have been removed or hidden by moderators or the Reddit spam filter?

You can check if your comments have been removed or hidden by moderators by reviewing the subreddit's moderation log or contacting the subreddit moderators for clarification.

Are there any common mistakes users make that result in their comments not showing up on Reddit threads?

Common mistakes include violating subreddit rules, using inappropriate language, or engaging in spammy behavior, all of which can lead to comment removal or hiding.

What actions can I take if my Reddit comments consistently fail to appear on posts despite multiple attempts?

If your comments consistently fail to appear, try reviewing subreddit rules, ensuring your account is in good standing, and reaching out to moderators for assistance.