FAQ About TikTok Comment Picker

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The TikTok Comment Raffle Tool is an application designed to randomly select winners from the comments on a TikTok video, making it easy to conduct fair and transparent giveaways.
No, you do not need to provide your TikTok login details. You only need to provide the URL of the TikTok video from which you want to select comments.
Yes, the TikTok Comment Picker is completely free to use for all users.
Yes, TikTok Comment Raffle Tool allows you to filter comments based on keywords, hashtags, or user mentions to ensure that only relevant comments are considered.
TikTok Comment Picker is designed to handle a large number of comments, but performance may vary depending on the total volume. For extremely large comment sections, there may be processing time considerations.
Yes, TikTok Picker provides an option to export the list of comments in various formats such as CSV or XLSX.
If you encounter any issues, you can contact our support team via the support section on our website or through the help option within the TikTok Giveaway Picker. We are here to assist you with any problems you may face.
Yes, TikTok Comment Picker is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple interface that guides you through the process of selecting winners for your TikTok giveaways or contests.